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05 Jul We're back!
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We shall be re-opening on 1st August 2020!Unfortunately we missed our 10 year anniversary during lockdown...
25 May Party Food Links
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  Marshmallows dipped in chocolate  Savoury Party Bites  Cake Pops  Vegetarian Sausage Rolls  Pinwheel Pizzas..
11 May We'll Party Again
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Following Boris Johnsons speech last night, we know the parties and celebrations that we hold dear are going to be on hold for the timebeing. Please h..
10 May Party Game Ideas
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Pass the ParcelYou will need:A gift wrapped in several layers of paper (the parcel)Sweet to put in-between each layer (optional) A music CD A CD playe..
23 Apr New Website
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Welcome to our new website. We've been busy whilst we have been in lock down. Our new website is super fast and designed with mobiles first. We also h..
23 Mar Virus Closure
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We have sadly had to shut due to the Coronavirus.Understandably, the vast majority of people have cancelled any plans to hold children’s parties.We pl..
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