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April 2021 Newletter


Hop over to our Easter Party Supplies category to see our range of themed tableware and small toys for an Easter hunt.

Easter Party Games

See our Easter party games for fun games that all your family get join in with, below are a few examples:

Easter bunny tag

This is a twist on the classic tag game but instead of running everybody hops. 

One child starts as “it” and they hop around to try and tag another player by touching them and shouting “it”. 

The new “it” must then shout loudly that they are “it” (they can not tag the person who caught them). 

This is a good game to burn of some energy after all those Easter eggs.

Easter egg bowling

You will need:

One large Easter egg

Small eggs for each person (can use a chocolate creme egg or each person can decorate a hard boiled egg)


How to play

Place the larger egg at one end of the room and give each child a smaller egg.  Each person then takes it in turn to roll their egg from the other end of the room in just one roll.  The winner is the one whose egg stops nearest to the large egg. 

Party at Home

Don't let lockdown 2021 ruin another birthday.  See our range of Boys Party Supplies and Girls Party Supplies to have a fantastic party at home with family. 

We also have a wide range of Party Bag Fillers starting from only 10p.

Covid-19 Update

We’d like to reassure all customers that we are open for business and have put in place extra safety measures.

We are continuing to work as hard as we can to get your deliveries out on time.

We understand how difficult it is to celebrate these special occasions at the moment, hopefully we can provide a little sparkle of happiness for families who are able to celebrate safely at home.


Thankyou for all your support during these unprecedented and challenging times.  Our little family run business would not have survived without you.

Stay Safe.

Scott & Fiona