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Not sure what to get? Why not pick from these party bag fillers which have been the most popular over that last 2 to 3 weeks.

Model: UT02183
Plastic Star Shaped glasses - one suppliedVarious colours/designs - an asso..
Model: UT01914
Balloon Animal - one supplied.Pack contains: 1 x Balloon (23cm..
Model: UT00499
Magnetic fishing game with rod and 2 fish to put into a bowl of water to tr..
Model: BT02872
Superhero Spinning Top - one supplied. Various designs - an assortment wil..
Model: GT01828
Decorate your own tiara with this paper tiara and sheet of jewel stickers. ..
Model: UT02234
Peppa Pig Bubble Tub with a puzzle on the lid  - one supplie..
Model: UT00297
Mini hand clapper party bag filler - one supplied.Various colours..
Model: UT02855
Sheet of 12, Gamer stickers.Various designs - an assortment will be se..
Model: UT02248
Handy pack of modelling clay with 6 bright coloursPack size 9.5 x 7cmAge 3+..
Model: UT01706
Smiley face disc shooter  - one supplied.Various colours - an ass..
Model: UT00771
Jungle animal Maze - one supplied.Various shapes and designs - an asso..
Model: UT03306
This slippy, slidey slime comes in cute little animal themed tubs.Various d..
Model: BT00381
Dinosaur pencil with rubber top - one suppliedEach comes unsharpe..
Model: UT00124
Dinosaur jigsaw puzzle - one suppliedVarious designs - an as..
Model: BT01681
Super Hero Tattoo - One supplied. 12 Designs - An assortment will be sent...
Model: BT00897
A pack of football mini playing cardsVarious designs - an assortment w..
Model: UT00023
Bouncy Ball, bounce them and watch them fly! - one supplied.Also known..
Model: UT01325
Travel version of the classic Connect 4 game.Great unisex party bag filler ..
Model: BT03044
Super Hero self-inking stamper - one suppliedVarious designs/colours -..
Model: BT00013
Dinosaur note book - one supplied.Various designs - an assortment will..
Model: BT00209
Football Pencil with rubber - one suppliedLength 190mm, unsharpened ..
Sticky Creature
-49 %
Model: UT01970
Sticky Creature ( one supplied )Suitable for boys and girls of most ages.Av..
£0.25 £0.49
Model: UT01153
Monster Jump up, press the animal down onto its stand and wait for it to ju..
Model: BT01333
Football Shooter Game includes football, key shooter and goalPress the..
Model: UT00884
Punch balloon - one supplied Various colours - an assortment will be sent...
Model: UT02106
Jungle puzzle book which includes puzzles, dot to dot, spot the difference ..
Model: BT00500
Football note book with plain white unruled paper - one supplied...
Model: UT00298
Plastic baby bath boat, great for pouring, floating and imaginative play&nb..
Model: UT02610
Star Bubble Tube - one suppliedVarious colours - pink, orange, yellow, gree..
Model: BT02186
Football puzzle book which includes puzzles, dot to dot, spot the differenc..
Model: BT02702
Sheet of 16 Football StickersSheet size 115 x 120mmAge 3+..
Model: BT00190
Football Maze party bag fillerDiameter  55mmAge 3+..
Model: UT00267
Snakes & Ladders party bag filler.The favourite board game in a ha..
Easter Jigsaw Puzzle Easter Jigsaw Puzzle
Out Of Stock
Model: UT02850
Easter 25 piece jigsaw puzzle - one supplied.Various designs - an..
Model: UT03310
Pack of 4 mini wax crayons in an Easter design box.Size 90mm.Safe &..
Easter Puzzle Book Easter Puzzle Book
Out Of Stock
Model: UT02849
Easter puzzle book which includes puzzles, dot to dot, spot the difference ..
Model: BT00074
Football tattoo - one tattoo supplied.Various designs - an assortment ..
Model: UT00191
Blow bubbles then catch and touch them - they'll land on to nearl..
Wax Crayons
-30 %
Model: UT00040
Pack of 4 wax crayonsLength 90mm, safe & non toxic.Age 3..
£0.14 £0.20
Model: BT01754
Large Football bouncy ball, bounce them and watch them fly! - one supplied...
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