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Model: US03269
Net bag of Bonds Milk Chocolate Santas. Each net contains 9 chocolates.Deli..
Santa Chocolate Coin
New Out Of Stock
Model: US03666
Milk chocolate foil wrapped coin with Santa Claus belt design. One coin sup..
Swizzels Rainbow Dust
Vegan Out Of Stock
Model: US00242
Rainbow dust sherbet filled straw - various flavours - one supplied ..
Model: US01305
Maoam Stripes fruit chew - assorted flavours - one suppliedWeight 7g ..
Swizzels Fizzers
Model: US01477
Swizzels Matlow Fizzers.Youll love their flavours of pineapple, tangy ..
Model: US02545
Tango popping candy - one suppliedSuitable for vegetariansAssorted flavours..
Model: US02712
Swizzels Double Lolly - one suppliedDid you know that the classic Swizzels ..
Mini Love Hearts
Model: US00243
Mini Love Hearts party bag filler - one suppliedWeight 11gAg..
Swizzels Fruity Pops
Model: US02546
Swizzels Fruity Pops lolly - One suppliedAssorted flavoursSuitable for vege..
Model: US00082
Haribo Starmix - various types/flavours - gluten free & natur..
Model: US03495
Chupa Chups Lolly - One suppliedAssorted flavours Age 3+..
Candy Necklace
Model: US03037
Candy Necklace.A necklace you can wear and eat.Supplied individually w..
Swizzels Candy Whistle
Model: US01308
Swizzels Matlow candy whistle - assorted colours - one supplied.Weight..
Model: US03270
Peppermint flavoured candy cane - one suppliedIndividually wrappedAverage w..
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